Mission of ALFA

ALFA will bridge the existing capability gap of current operational surveillance systems for border control with respect to detection, classification and identification of LSS (Low, Small and Slow) manned and unmanned flying vehicles. ALFA is future-ready as technologies for drone detection will be a part of the system, which will use heterogeneous, easy-to-deploy mobile sensors based on several novel technologies. The ALFA system will make a significant contribution to the development of EUROSUR (in particular, cooperating with SIVE and SIVICC) and be suitable for a range of other missions and scenarios such as homeland and event protection and the protection of critical infrastructure.


The last decades witnessed the ever growing effectiveness of Europe-subsidized border protection projects like SIVE and SIVICC. As maritime smuggling from Morocco towards the European borders of Portugal and Spain was combated more effectively, the criminal modus operandi changed drastically, approaching air routes with cheap and small planes. In addition, new drone technology opens the opportunity to both manned and unmanned airborne drug transports. Launched from any location and moving at low altitude and speed to mask their presence with the present clutter environment, drones can autonomously reach any landing site while remaining undetected under nearly all circumstances. It is anticipated that this success will lead to a broader use of these upcoming smuggling methods.