On 8th June 2017, a workshop on EU funded border security research projects was held by FRONTEX in Warsaw. FRONTEX – the European Border and Coast Guard Agency- aims to promote, coordinate and develop European border management in line with the EU fundamental rights charter and the concept of Integrated Border Management. The workshop started with a short introduction, and continued with the presentation of eight EU funded research projects, i.a the ALFA project. The ALFA presentation gave a general overview of the problem, which should be solved, using the ALFA solution and concept. The key technologies, such as active radar, electro optical sensors, radio location, as well as sensor fusion, threat analysis and landing site prediction were illustrated and discussed. Afterwards, further information about the work packages and their interrelation were given. In general, the FRONTEX workshop was a great chance to inform different national Frontex members about the aim and ongoing work of the ALFA project.