From 10th to 11th April 2018 another ALFA technical meeting and the second General Assembly Meeting took place in Palermo, Italy, hosted by partner Engineering.

The morning of the first day was dedicated to the General Assembly meeting, followed by technical discussions on the ALFA components and technologies. In particular, the status and progress on radar, EO/camera and passive RF was discussed. Later on, there was another technical slot on the situation assessment and landing site prediction. After an overall update of the status, the progress of upcoming deliverables was elaborated and the implementation of the ALFA architectural framework was discussed by all partners. To end the day, several partners sat down together in order to do some preparatory work for the next Early Adopters Forum (EAF) meeting and to define the further way forward how to best involve them in the project. After an early start on the second day, partners directly got engaged in presentations and path breaking discussions about the functional demonstration. An overview of the upcoming tasks and planned work was given and proposals for the demonstrations were made. The consortium identified the involved parties, necessary equipment and required permits and talked about the environment to be expected to the final demonstration. Another important part of the morning and early afternoon was on Dissemination, Exploitation and Ethical Aspects. Discussions were mainly oriented around upcoming and planned activities and the current concept and contents of the partners’ individual and joint dissemination and exploitation strategies.