ALFA has provided a “panelist” to present ALFA and to take part in a discussion on the theme interoperability. The meeting was organized by the EU Committee of Users, a forum bringing users, experts, companies and EU representatives together. Interoperability proves to be a broad and multi-facet issue. ALFA gained attention by addressing interoperability both at operational level and at technical level. Operationally many different branches of GNR and GC are involved in combating drug trafficking, sometimes also other services are involved. Technically ALFA has the capability to connect to virtually external system, examples could be the SIVE and SIVICC coastal surveillance systems. Amongst aspects that were addressed was the fact that interoperability with operational systems is not just a technical issue, but also a juridical and security issue. Many EU H2020 projects, and many end-users share this, it also hampers actual SIVE or SIVICC integration. Interoperability between H2020 projects is often hampered by non-matching test locations or non-matching timeframes.