June 2020

Results of ALFA have been published on the CORDIS website in six languages

December 2019

Final Press Release
This press release provides information about the finalization of the project.

October 2019

ALFA System demonstration
A showcase of the culmination of years of development and testing to provide a demonstrator for the ALFA H2020 Project.

ALFA System demonstration (Short Version)
A quick look at the pre-demo activities for the ALFA H2020 project. Partners gather to test the system for the first time. See how it works and the results of the exercise.

Interview Klaus-Michael Koch (Technikon):
Klaus-Michael Koch, project coordinator for the ALFA projects gives an overview of the pre-demo activities.

Interview Rob van Heijster (TNO):
In this video, we speak with Rob van Heijster, technical leader for the ALFA project. He talks about how the system works and shares a little about how it was conceived.

Interview Geert de Cubber (Royal Military Academy of Belgium):
As an advisory board member on the ALFA project, Geert De Cubber gives some insight into how the end product should work and discusses European efforts to keep borders secure.

Interview Jorge Gil (GNR):
Jorge Luiz Rebelo Gil from Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) in Portugal represents one end user in the ALFA project. He talks about how a product like ALFA could change the future of maritime security.

Interview Gilles Premel-Cabic (THALES):
During the ALFA pre-demo exercise, Gilles Premel-Cabic, Advanced Developments Engineer, shares his thoughts about the efforts and results of the ALFA team. Plus, what is the future of ALFA after the project ends?

ALFA Passive Radar
The following video is showing the ALFA Passive Radar, which has been created by the project partner Technical University of Braunschweig.

September 2019

ALFA Leaflet
This final project leaflet was used at the final demonstration activities in Portugal in October 2019.

ALFA RollUP 85x200

Dutch TV Report
Report on ALFA measurements in the Netherlands

ALFA H2020 project (part two) : Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking
ALFA Podcast! In the second episode, we speak with Gilles Prémel-Cabic from THALES in The Netherlands about classification systems in the ALFA project.
In our discussions, we learn a bit about how the system is intended to work and how it has been working so far.

August 2019

Newsletter Issue 6
This newsletter provides a message from the technical lead, a report of the system demonstration in Algave, Portugal and information about deliverables.

July 2019

ALFA Final system demonstration Teaser

ALFA is a project aimed at detecting, classifying and predicting landing spots of unmanned aerial vehicles. This sneak peek video is a preview of ALFA testing.

ALFA Podcast
In this episode, we speak with Jose-Ramon Martinez about the ALFA Project. This EU H2020 funded effort ultimately seeks to create safer maritime borders in Europe by building state of the art sensing equipment which detects low and slow flying aerial vehicles. As the project team meets to test the integration of the equipment, we get answers to the questions -how does it work, what results are expected and what are the challenges?

December 2018

Newsletter Issue 5
Concluding 2018 with the issue 5 newsletter including a message and status update from the coordinator and technical lead, followed by a review of the latest technical meeting, the first project-own workshop as well as an outlook on upcoming events.

August 2018

Newsletter Issue 4
The newsletter includes a message from the coordinator, information about the first review meeting, some highlights of dissemination activities and a report about testing activities.

July 2018

ALFA Video
The video was designed to provide some general information about the project and its partners, to highlight its objectives and motivation, and to give an overview of the work structure.

April 2018

Newsletter Issue 3
The third issue of the newsletter includes some latest project information, a short summary of the GA/technical meeting in Palermo and the WP4 kick-off meeting, as well as a short report of the measurement activities and highlights of the dissemination activities.

December 2017

ALFA Video
The video was designed to provide some general information about the project and its partners, to highlight its objectives and motivation, and to give an overview of the work structure.

November 2017

Newsletter Issue 2
The second newsletter provides a summary of the last technical meeting, as well as the Frontex workshop where the ALFA project was presented. It further includes an overview of the technical activities that were carried out during the last few project months.

July 2017

ALFA Poster
The project poster was designed in order to use it for different dissemination activities such as conferences, workshops and presentations.

Austrian Press Release
This press release provides general information on the project, and latest news about the attended FRONTEX workshop.

May 2017

Newsletter Issue 1
The first newsletter provides an overview of the main project information, as well as further information about the technical approach, ongoing activities and meetings.

March 2017

Austrian Press Release
This press release was published in Austria and announces the ALFA project.

January 2017

ALFA General Presentation
General presentation about the project.

ALFA Announcement Letter
The announcement letter was released at the project start and provides first information about the scope of ALFA. 

ALFA Leaflet
The leaflet is one of our tailored dissemination materials capable of reaching a broad audience (mainly used for fairs and project meetings).