Period 1

D7.2 “Data Management Plan (DMP)” (June 2017)
This is a deliverable that the ALFA team volunteer to prepare as an early output within the first six months of the project. The purpose of the DMP is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the applications with regard to all the datasets generated by the project.

D7.4 “Interim report on societal impact” (June 2018)
This report reflects the ethical and societal aspects identified within T7.4.

D8.2 “1st Interim Progress Report” (December 2017)
This deliverable will address the main achievements and concrete key outcomes of the first project year.

Period 2

D3.3 “ALFA system data model Database” (March 2019)
This deliverable will model the ALFA common information formats and flows for two levels of abstractions, conceptual and logical.

D7.6 “Dissemination report” (December 2019)
This report will inform about the dissemination activities carried out during the project, including the material produced and the events organized.

D7.7 “Final report on societal impact” (December 2019)
This deliverable will be updated to reflect additional ethical and societal aspects that come up in the second reporting period.

D8.3 “2nd Interim Progress Report” (December 2018)
This report will address the main achievements and concrete key outcomes of the second project year (project summary, work performed and main results, risk assessment, list of scientific publications and dissemination activities.